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Active Body develop our service to you, different types of classes Small groups format.


After many years working on the health of our customers, we have realized that the secret is personalization service.


That is why in a format of 3/8 people per group, can develop lessons tailored to the needs of these small groups if divert your needs.


Yoga, Fitboxing, Weightlifting, Dance, any type of physical activity you want to perform for you always safeguarding develop a comprehensive "tour of your health."


All our technical departments (Physio / Nutri / Physical Activity) nourish the instructor of the information needed to develop each class.


Feel the change and challenge!





Because your health comes first, from the first day you will value free, time and as often as you need.


If you need treatment the most qualified professionals will attend applying cutting-edge techniques for both the symptoms of pain and the sign of injury, are eradicated as quickly and efficiently without unnecessary meetings.


Time to feel good, it's time Fisiotime!

Functional Training by Element´s System



Because this is not a personal training, much more.


The most qualified technicians certified by the seal of quality ELEMET'S SYSTEM offer you the most advanced training techniques always at the forefront of what dictate science of physical activity and sport.


If you want to prepare for a marathon, you want to lose weight, you do mountain sports or just want your day to day more "functional" You have to try it!


A thorough measurement system prepared by and for you, will be developed keeping in mind where you are and where you want to go.


Just to give you High in the installation you have an invitation to try!!


You will be hooked !!!

Nutrition System


Because we are what we eat, we must know how and when to do it.


Just because they belong to Fitness 360 life will find a free valuations whenever you want to know at what point you are.


A professional in the sports nutrition industry which will recommend the best steps to achieve your goals and remember that if you need a diet tailored just for you, also you can put in your hands.


CINUSA company nationally recognized for its numerous studies in the field, gives us the best market developments to put at your fingertips in an easy and effective way.


Achieve your goals in 360 ... is much easier   ;) | | 91 279 29 88

C/ Modesto Lafuente 49 (28003) Madrid


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